Size guide

Size guide

The table shows the size guide. It should be noted that party clothes are not made of elastic fabric and a reserve of clothes is important for the child to feel comfortable.

When making an individual order, which will be sewn just for you, write the child’s individual measures in the notes.

We know that every child can vary in size. If your child does not fit the standard size according to his length, write. There are situations when the child is 80 cm tall, but the circumference corresponds to size 86 or vice versa. In this situation, the circumference of the top changes, but the length of the product corresponds more to the current length of the child.

In order to sew the best possible nuances of the best possible products about the measures of the child, write in the notes (this was especially true for children who are finer or rounder for their age).

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  1. Height
  2. Head circumference
  3. Chest circumference
  4. Waist circumference
  5. Hip circumference
  6. Sleeve length
  7. Leg length
  8. Back length