About Us

Kristibam.lv are clothes for baptisms and celebrations made in Latvia.
Child baptism is one of child’s first honour events, which is always a very special and individual celebration.
Each of us has our own feelings and thoughts, how to dress up our child and what kind of ritual should be followed during this process. We always do our best to provide all the best for our child.
When I create my dress models for a child, I always think first how beautiful they will become. The same time, dress models should be for practical use later.
I always offer several design options to my clients, who’s idea is only in a level of vision.
The drawn sketch for a dress model on a piece of paper always turns to a beautiful dress for your lovely angel.
Each dress has its own design especially created and sewn with suitable model and material only for your child. You will never find two similar models, no mass production.
We always provide high quality hand work.
Handmade with love!

Made With Love

My work is my passion and every work is created with great joy and love. You will find unique and original products.


Products with quality. All clothes and accessories are selected with the best materials and the best quality is ensured.

Made In Latvia

Kristibam.lv is clothes and accessories made in Latvia. Clothes that will make you feel special.


More than 10 years of experience in sewing children's clothing.

Individual Approach

Order your perfect outfit! Clothes are sewn for each child individually, choosing the appropriate model and materials.


It is your job to discover the work that is yours and to dedicate it to it with all your heart. / Buddha /